Matthew's Page!

OK, UPDATES! Matthew is now just shy of 19! So some of this page is almost 2 years old! Below is his Senior pictures/poster. CONGRATS to you  son! You made it through! On to a new chapter in life!

Matthew is currently on a Mexican Cruise! He will be on the ship for 7 days!  Heading down to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and a couple more ports. Hope he is having the time of his life! Will post pics later this month.

Matthew is my oldest son who is now 16 and driving. Below you will see his Ford Pick up truck the day he got it. Then the first time he went "mudding"..... THEN.... the day he lost his truck.... "The rollover" but he walked away from it unhurt..... but now his girl is damaged goods.

The below picture is of Matthew's first time in HIS new truck.... this was before the new rims, and many other new accessories that boys NEED for their pick up trucks......


Below are pictures of Matthew's Mudding trip! The first picture is what we first found after we went out looking for my two boys KNOWING they were stuck someplace out in the woods......

Yeah!! MOM's FORD pulled out Matthew's Ford!! The next picture after that is two very happy boys to be out of the cold, wet mud!

Below is a video of Matthew's truck roll over clean up....... I will add pictures of his truck as I get them. Every day I thank God he walked away from this AND NO ONE was hurt...... The boy's all had a good time until this point....... They had been mudding and 4 wheeling all day and this was the end of their day.... If you click on  "Matts Truck" title it will take you to see the video, just in case you can't view it from my page.... 

  Matts Truck

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First day fishing 06'                                            Matthew and dad @ Rouge River

Matthew @ Watson Falls This summer. 


Next is Matthew shooting the .22 rifle. He's a good shot too.


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