Hagen's Heartfelt Creations!                                                                                       "....Made with Love"


Meet Aden! HHC'S first reborn.

Congratulations Kassidy!


Here are a few of my other successful adoptions. I have several throughout the states

and now one two in New Zealand.

Below are in order.. Cora, Taylor,Bryan,Hannah, and J.C.




I have many other pictures of babies who have found homes.

I really enjoy my hobby, the art of re-borning dolls

Below are McKenna, Patrick, Patty Faye (my all time fav.), Faith, Emily, Noel and Katie




The song in this background is from my favorite CD Sapphire dreams, Garden of Eden, Sapphire Dreams was my first CD I purchased from Mars Lasar. It still remains my favorite of all times.

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