September 2008!

Hellllllooooo ALL.

Ok, yes, the pages are gone. It's nothing your missing. Just a choice by me. I'm just going to go another direction for many of you.

Instead of focusing on the big bad "C" word, i've decided to just keep the regular journal going. So many of you already know about my health so I will just pick up from where I left off and go from there. I was getting some unfortunate e-mails and they kind of upset me so I took the main cancer stuff off for now. It was from people who really don't know me and they were just people hitting my website looking at my dolls I think and then looked at my other pages and had opinions they felt they needed to share with me. SOOOOOOO with that said, you ALL now have my journal to read. It will still include up to date reports on my health etc... this way you all can still stay informed.

Well, ok updates.

Back to school! YEAH the boys are back in school and loving it so far.

Well, Matthew would love it more if the admin would leave his schedual alone for  more than a day or two. SOO at this point it looks like Monday or Tuesday Larry and or myself will be down there to MAKE sure this issue gets resolved.

Lets see, what else. I am no longer employed. I lost my job due to the fact doc said I was DONE plus working the phones with my drunkin' speech really isn't a good idea. BUT they said as soon as doc releases me, I can reapply and come back, (what do you think? Think they really will let me come back?) Time will tell.

OK health update...

August 8th (I think) may have been the 7th, I woke up and was feeling "ok" but a bit shaky but was able to do my normal "stuff", exercise, some house chores etc... before I had to get ready for work. I thought I was "ok" so off I went, got to work, did my normal socializing with many and was at my computer and we did our thing for about an hour and a half, was leaving the classroom and BAHM! Down I go.... came to, thought I was fine, Matthew came up and got me, I told paramedics, thanks but no thanks, take a hike...LOL Those of you who really know me, that shouldn't surprise you!

Got home, was here just a few min. Told Matthew to get me up to E.R. and while I was there or on my way I had a M.C.A.. A stroke.

For the first time in a very long time, Sky Lakes, formally Merele West Medical center renewed my trust in them. They took really good care of me. I actaully had no problem with staying in the hospital (which is another thing I NEVER do) but I guess I knew I needed to be there so I didn't fight them.

Well, home to speech issues, and weakness on my right side. I use a cane most of the time.... I like my walker better, BUT to me is just screams LOOK AT ME, so I don't use it much except around home and yard. For long ventures i'm forced to use the 4 wheel drive... a wheel chair. In the stores I use those "buggies" OMGOSH, you talk about screaming LOOK AT ME. But it does help me so much to get around AND I can shop longer by using them. 

If you have tried to call, don't be shocked I don't answer, I didn't hardly anyways, but i'm very aware of my speech some days so I just don't. BUT I've learned the art of texting! My mind is still ok, well, as ok as it was LOL and who knows how that was.  I'm just slower etc.. with all this "stuff" my blood pressure has increased sooooo maybe I can get the big "C" removed when i'm more stable. We will wait and see. 

To those of you who read this, and hopefully my class mates from work do once in a while....... HEY GUYS!!! I SOOOOO MISS YOU ALL!

And I DO miss work! I LOVED my job! ALL the people etc. Well, there was a couple I could go all week and not chat with, but hey, they weren't the devil. Everyone up there was so wonderful. I looked forward to each day I got to be up there. The smiles, jokes, tears.. ALL of it. The bonding the most I think. Thanks guys for touching my life in such a way that I ache to see ALL of you each day. 

Tomorrow is the Logger's Breakfast here in Oregon. It's just north of Klamath in the woods etc... Real old time cooking grills with wood heat etc.. banjo playing, hay rides, train rides(I think) and it's in the woods, next to a spring creek etc... I will be sure to take TONS of pics and post. 

Also, I got to go to the Tulelake fair this year! YEAH! Saw lots of people I know and hadn't seen in a while. I have a pic of me there with a friendly sheep.

I so enjoyed myself!

Well, please feel free to e-mail me, with just a note to say HEY or whatever, but please if it's bad, well, I really don't want to hear it..... LOL I am who I am and I will NEVER change...... Sorry, i've tried and guess what.... it just doesn't work for me. If you like me great, if not, your loss..... Right? Actually I always feel the loss... but enough said. Enjoy our indian summer we are having. I'm so loving it. Cool breezes, cooler nights, and warm, or shall I say as of this typing, HOT days. 

LOVE and great big gentle HUGS to ALL of you.