March 2009

Well here we are 1/4 of the way through the year ALREADY!

BUT for me, this is a great month! I LOVE March. For many reasons. ONE, is I'm Irish and I LOVE St. Patty's Day! It's in my blood.

BUT also, it's the gateway month to Spring! And who doesn't like Spring? Well, if it's you, please don't tell me. 

My grandson is now a month old and doing well. Growing like a weed. 

All of the other family members seem to be doing well. My dad, my kids, my wonderful hubby, my sisters, etc...... Thank you God for those blessings.

Larry was gone for the month of February. Made for a long month for me. Thank God it was a short month. He had to travel due to work but now he is back home and we ALL made it.

Ok, now for my health..... not much change.... still here and fighting. Doing what I feel I need to and I keep on trucking along each day. Some days are harder than others but I still have one more kid to get raised. MY BUBS ( Alex) He's all of 14. The other two, Kassie, is 20 and Matthew is now 18. So one more to go. I owe it to him to be here at least until HE turns 18! I am actually doing really well considering. I am walking AND talking without many issues. I still have "bad" days, but they are fewer and fewer. When I have a "bad" day I just hang low and go at a pace that works for me. I feel good enough that I am wanting to go back to work, BUT I know I can't do it FULL time so haven't bothered to go back. BUT I do miss it very much and the friends I had made while I was there at N.E.W. God had other plans for me I guess. As for the big "C" word, I have a couple of letters here from the doc's wanting me to come in for test and appointments. I will, soon. But for now, I want/need to give myself a bit more time before I get back into that.


So far the month of March as been cold and dreary. BUT I did manage to go into my yard and work in it a bit. I saw where my daffodil's and tulips are trying to poke their heads up, also all the trees are trying to bud out. I'm so worried it's too soon, BUT Mother Nature knows more than I do.

So far I have felt good enough to de-clutter so much of my home. It felt good to get rid of so much "stuff" that has just been piling up around here. I re-cycled almost ALL of it. Also went through and cleaned each and every room. Also a great feeling. BUT now I think next month we will try and conquer the garage! That will make a HUGE difference to me with my de-cluttering process.  I want to be pretty much done with the house so I can spend as much time in my yard this Spring and Summer. Our season here just isn't very long so I want to be able to take as much advantage as I can of it.