January 2009!

Welcome to winter! Not too bad so far. Some cold days and some "warmer" ones. BUT more sun than I thought we would have this time of year!

Ok for updates! Had a WONDERFUL simple Christmas!

We didn't buy ANYTHING for Christmas! It was all handmade/homemade this year! The boys each got a quilt from me that I made all on my own! They came out good. I made Matthew a Raiders football quilt and Alex I made a cool looking blue and black quilt! I'll add pictures by end of the week.  Then I made all the kids gratitude beads. Those are kind of neat as well. Kassie I made a copy of our Christmas book so she has one to share with her new family this next year and start traditions of her own!

It was the smallest, simplest Christmas ever and it was wonderful. At first I was so sad that the boys didn't have a ton of presents under the tress, but you know something, they didn't once complain or say a word about it. I'm so very lucky that God sent them to me!

Our Christmas tree looked like one you would see in a kindergarten class! BUT it was decorated with homemade/handmade decorations as well. Construction paper chains, strung popcorn and marshmallows. It was great!

Now on to a new year!

Alex hurt his wrist this past week (17/09) and has a splint on it for now, hairline fracture. Well, this is broken bone #4 for him. He IS a boy!

Matthew got a job!!!! McDonalds! He LOVES it. Making new friends and memories! He's almost done with this stage of schooling! Graduates in June and then off to start a new chapter in his life! 

Well, by end of this month or very first of next, Larry and I will be grandparents! Kassie is due to have a baby boy Feb. 2nd, 2009. Not sure if she'll make it to her due date. So this will be a new chapter in ALL our lives. I'm not sure what to think about it.

Ok, for my health:

I'm at a cross road now. I have to do something very soon. Either get very serious about the natural path ways or back into treatment and even surgery maybe. I'm still working on my walking and strength right now.... speech has been good for the most part for a while now. Some days are not so good, but those days are getting far and few between. My goal is the Lake of the woods run! I missed it last year, but want to at least walk it this year if I can. That is a HUGE goal for me this time around. BUT goals are good!

HUGS to all and thanks for checking in. Happy New Year to all.