December 27th, 2008!

Hello all! Well Christmas came and went with out too much chaos. The boys had a very simple Christmas! Larry and I didn't spend a dime. I made the boys each a quilt. Also made them gratitude beads. It was a fun night though. We all were up and Matthew asked since it was so close to midnight if we wanted to stay up and open gifts so we did. We laughed and carried on. We all were so punch drunk and giggly. It was nice. We got to sleep in and that was the best gift Larry and I could have gotten for Christmas!

I've started on my detox health regimen again. Hoping to get a handle on things with my health. Kind of let things slip here since my stroke in August. BUT getting serious about it ALL again. If you think about it, I don't have much of a choice...... do it or die! Sooooo I guess i'll DO IT! Plus I really don't want to go down the chemo therapy road again any time soon! My hair is sooooo long now. LOL BUT actually thinking about cutting it. It's looking pretty shabby.

HUGS to all


December 2008

I have gotten so bad about updating my webpage!

So sorry for that.

Well, here is my December update.

First off, it's just ONE week from Christmas. AAUUGGHH so not ready. We are doing a totally homemade/handmade Christmas. I've made quilts for the boys and other gifts for the family. They are to make gifts as well. NO STORE BOUGHT items. (unless used for crafts or baking). It's just too tight. Everyone is feeling the crunch. We have extra medical bills still piling up with no end in sight. SOOO store bought items will wait until tax time! Plus Christmas is about our Saviors birth, not about who got what from where! Also about family and spending time together and enjoying the season. 


Ok health updates:

Starting back up with my naturalist. Tumors have not grown to my knowledge BUT need to do something. (unless God heals me, they are not just going to go away!) At this time chemo isn't an option for me. (my choice) I'm still trying to get back to my old self after my stroke. I'm much better but have my days. Larry has been such a wonderful help in my healing. My goal is to get back to the coast and the Redwoods. I seem to do better after going there.

Ok, family........ Kassandra is 34 weeks into her pregnancy. Getting closer to being grandparents each and every day! We now know it's a boy. Nickolas Adam will be his name. We all think he's going to be a good size baby when he arrives.

Matthew is doing GREAT in school! Senior year! Great grades etc... He's even working now! Got a job at McDonalds. It gives him some extra cash for all the playing he likes to do.

Alex: Well, he has his first girlfriend I think. Can't tell 100% but pretty sure. It's kind of cute. Very low key about it. I did catch a glimpse of her today, very cute! He is doing well in school too. So wanting to grow up too fast.

Larry: WORKS ALL the time! His day has been starting about 3:30am(pst) and works until 2:30/3:00pm most days. Never leaves the office but for a few min. at a time. Eats breakfast, lunch snacks at his desk. Kind of sad. I see him aging so much the past couple of weeks. He even worked his vacation.  BUT the past few days...... well, lets put it this way, he only got 2 hrs "down" time since 3:30am yesterday and finally at almost 6:00pm today got to go to bed! Poor guy. BUT, it's job security and thank God he has a job at this point with the way everything is going! He just needs to learn to take care of what he needs too and let the uummm how should I put this? Incompetent ones suffer the consequences for THEIR mistakes! Those people only make MORE work for Larry and never even think to thank him for the bail out. Larry says thats ok, he'll get his thanks in heaven! What a great guy!

My dad, still doing well. Just a few more months and he'll be 92!!! WOW, still on his own and doing good. Very independent. LOVE you dad!

Ok, well I think things are up to date at this point. I will try to get back into a daily "blog" entry or whatever they call it. Or maybe at least weekly. 

HUGS to all and thanks for ALL the prayers for me and my family including my sister who lost her home.

Merry Christmas and GOD BLESS you all.